Revd Joanna Williams


for Reconciliation

Revd Andy Williams


for Inter Faith Relations

The Blackley Centre is a welcoming,

safe and inspiring meeting place …


 for people seeking to transform conflict

and make peace


for people of all faiths to develop

and grow in understanding and friendship


for retreats, away days, meetings,

training and conferences

The Blackley Centre


You are invited to the

Official Launch


of the Blackley Centre


Saturday 12th October, 2019

A great afternoon of workshops, singing, networking, craft, food, and celebration.

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Everyone welcome!

Summer Programme 2019

(Days are from 10am to 4pm, unless stated)

February 8th-9th

February 16th

March 6th

March 16th

April 6th

May 11th

May 25th

July 10th  

July 16th

September 6th

October 12th

November 8th

Hosting Reconcilers Together Pilgrimage & Training

Relating to Sikhs and Sikhism Day

Peace and Quiet Day

Peace and Reconciliation Day – Conflict Awareness

Peace and Reconciliation Day – Managing Change

Peace and Quiet Day

Relating to Muslims in Ramadan - 6.30 pm

Peace and Quiet Day

Relating to Jews and Judaism Day 7.00 pm

Peace and Quiet Day

Official Launch of the Blackley Centre

Peace and Quiet Day


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